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Anthurium Growing Guide

Anthurium’s are the ultimate in elegant flowering plants.  Their dark glossy leaves, and huge variety of flower colours make them our most popular plant that are in high demand all year round. These plants are primarily a tropical plant, loving a warm and humid environment, however, the Anthurium Andreanum hybrid plants that we grow will […]

Vireya Growing Guide

Vireya Blaze Of Glory

Vireya’s are known as the Tropical Rhododendron and bring a stunning burst of colour to your garden, or outdoor living space. They grow fantastically well in the warmer regions of Australia and will tolerate not just cold Winters, but also warm Summers, making them a versatile and hardy plant. Originally, they’re found in the South […]

Curcuma Ornamental Ginger Rhizome Growing Guide

Ornamental Curcuma Gingers provide a taste of the tropics during summer months with their lush green foliage and vibrant flowers. To get the best out of your Ginger Rhizomes, you need to know how to plant & nurture them which is why we’ve put together this little guide to get your beauties off to the […]