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Availability List

Every week we do a complete count of which plants are up to our high standards.

We check to make sure they're big enough, strong enough, have a healthy root system, the perfect amount of flowers and have the wow factor.
Then we put together our Availability List which is emailed out every Tuesday.

Plant Program

Each year, we plan out our growing schedule ahead of time so that we have a constant supply of quality tropical plants available for you.

Our Plant Program is a printable version of this that you can use to stay up to date on what plants we'll have available throughout the year.

Our Complete Range


Please refer to our Availability List to see what’s available to be shipped out this week.

To place your order, you can contact us via email, phone or fax.

Please note:  Our indoor plants and Anthuriums are extremely popular, rarely make it onto our availability lists, and are sold via backorder. Please call us on (07) 5446 9144 to express interest for these varieties


All of our plants are sold by the tray.  A tray can be made up of the same variety, or a mix.

20 x 100mm pots = 1 tray
15 x 118SQ pots =  1 tray

12 x 130/140mm pots = 1 tray

5 x 200mm pots =  1 tray
3 x 250mm pots =  1 tray
2 x 300mm pots =  1 tray


Our minimum order is based off delivery location / transport companies min. delivery requirements:

Sunshine Coast: 4 trays

Brisbane Metro: 4 trays

Sydney: 6 trays

Melbourne: 7 trays

*6 tray minimum for businesses without a depot (e.g. Florists).

Interstate delivery (NSW, VIC, NT, ACT and SA) on request. Please contact us for all other locations.


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