Curcuma Thai Beauty Red


A vibrant pink purple tulip shaped flower.

Each pack comes with 3 rhizomes that are safely packaged in a bed of wood wool within a large drawstring bag.  This packaging has been designed to house your rhizomes in a protected and well ventilated environment until you’re ready to plant them.

The images of flowers are to show you the different colours which may vary slightly.
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With the top of the bulb 2cm below the surface of a good quality, well draining soil or potting mix between the months of June and October.
Somewhere lightly shaded and warm is perfect for me to flourish either in a pot or in the ground.
Once only after planting, then not again until the first green shoots begin to appear which is usually from September / October.
Balanced, slow release.
Appear during the warmer Summer months and are stunning left on the plant, or as a cut flower used in arrangements.
Don’t be tempted to pull off dead foliage at the start of winter as this may cause damage to the rhizome.
Ornamental Ginger, Curcuma, Flowering Ginger
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