Anthurium Aloha Red


Aloha to the indoor plant that will make your home feel like a holiday. The Anthurium Aloha like its name is a warm greeting to anyone who enters your abode. With sweet cherry spathes and waxy green heart-shaped leaves, that complement the honey spadix at the flowers’ centres, this plant will capture your heart.
You may want to cut these blooms and admire their intense romantic hues in a vase, as they thrive for many weeks. This plant is a ray of sunshine that brings intentional warmth to your home as you replicate the way Hawaiians exclaim ‘Aloha’ warm and cheerfully.

This baby has strong roots and despite its compact size is healthy and ready to grow given the right environment.

This plant comes in a 75mm wide pot but usually won’t produce flowers until it is in a 140mm wide pot.

Images of flowers are to show colours of what this anthurium will grow up to be.

Scroll down for care instructions.

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