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Every week brings a new display of plants that are looking their best.

Which is why we get out and count every single plant
that looks outstanding and ready for sale.

Here's what is looking fantastic this week.

Palmwood Tropicals Indoor Plants


The perfect collection of plants to bring a taste of the tropics inside.

Palmwood Tropicals Shaded Plants


Inside or out - these beauties crave a sheltered, shaded spot in your home,

Palmwood Tropicals Full sun


The babies aren't afraid of the sun and will thrive somewhere warm.


We're a team of plant lovers who take great pride in what we do.

Each plant starts it's journey here by being hand planted.
It's then transferred to the perfect shade house or heated house.
Where it's nurtured, fed, watered & closely watched over weeks & months.

Until finally it reaches the perfect size, shape & structure.

The buzz of excitement grows throughout the nursery.
As a new batch of plants begin the next phase of their journey.
Back through the same hands who planted it.
For a few small prunes, some fresh soil & a pot polish.

One last drink & it's off to it's new home.
To be loved & nurtured by new hands.