Anthurium Growing Guide

Anthurium’s are the ultimate in elegant flowering plants.  Their dark glossy leaves, and huge variety of flower colours make them our most popular plant that are in high demand all year round.

These plants are primarily a tropical plant, loving a warm and humid environment, however, the Anthurium Andreanum hybrid plants that we grow will tolerate a moderate climate if it has the right growing conditions.

Growing Conditions

Most varieties that we produce, will flower almost all year through and a perfect for brightly lit indoor locations, or a covered outdoor spot either directly in the ground or in a pot.  They really don’t like direct sunlight, except for some winter early morning sunshine.

These beauties need regular watering in the warmer months, but less during the colder seasons.  They like to be moist, but not soaking so a saucer under the pot is great, but make sure it’s not full of water.

A good quality, well draining potting mix is best if you plan on planting into a pot.  If going straight into the soil, it’s est to improve the soil first with a rich organic matter.

Fertilise your plant at least twice a year.  Early Spring and late Summer is the best time.  You can also use a liquid plant food during the warmer months.

Pruning isn’t usually needed for Anthurium’s, however, cutting off the old or dead leaves and flowers will improve the overall look at the plant.  If stems become too long and spindly, they can be trimmed and replanted.

Problem Solving

Burnt flowers & leaves can be a sign of too much direct sunlight, make sure you position your plant somewhere lightly lit, bit with no direct sunlight.

Yellowing leaves generally mean you’re giving your plant a little too much water.  They like to be kept moist, but not soggy so make sure you go easy.

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3 thoughts on “Anthurium Growing Guide

  1. Bob Hansen says:

    I am looking to purchase a Small Talk Pink and a Tickled Pink Anthurium. I live in Caboolture and am inquiring as to where I could buy them.

    • Palmwood Tropicals says:

      Hi Bob, we have small 75mm online, these varieties are not currently available but will be in the future. Online backorders can be placed. If you are after larger flowering anthuriums Bunnings or Big can take customer orders for these if you enquire with them. If we do not have it available these stores may be able to track down a grower for you. Hope this helps!!

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